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Have you ever wondered if your business can successfully leverage social media? Could your business use product videos or explainer videos for marketing? What about a 15 second micro video for Instagram? Have you ever wondered how your company’s digital presence measures up to others in your industry? Maybe your company doesn’t have a mobile friendly website or maybe your company is not as active on social media.

You may have an inkling of how important it is to integrate all these components into your marketing strategy, but perhaps haven’t yet had the time to make the push.  However it is more vital than ever for businesses to completely bridge the digital divide. We have gathered essential statistical trends you should take into consideration when you are planning your next inbound marketing campaign strategy. We hope this will give you a better view of the big picture and how important all of these factors are to the success of any inbound campaign.

With a global population of 7.2 billion and counting, over 3 billion people use the Internet on a habitual basis in a fixed or mobile capacity.

There are over 5.9 billion unique mobile device users and 1.6 billion of those users are accessing mobile social media platforms from those devices. This is an undeniable answer to your question: does my website have to be equipped with mobile optimization?

So this is where Google has been hiding all of the leads. That's right folks. Now, more than ever, the power of video marketing, mobile website development, and social media adoption is vital to overall business success.

The following numbers are staggering when you take into account the one we just reviewed, and again proof to the vitality social media is able to leverage.

Social Media Statistics:

Facebook weighs in with over 1.35 billion active users. When you take a deeper look at this number, you will find, more than a billion of those have and continue to access the Facebook platform from their mobile device.

Google+ has 540 million users monthly and over 1.6 billion registered accounts. The time time spent on G+ is significantly lower than other platforms, with an average of 7 minutes per month spent on Google plus.

Instagram, although precise with their 300 million active monthly users, they have not yet gathered a total of all user account within the Instagram platform.

As the trends speak, more and more individuals are wondering how to get more followers on Instagram. Now would be the opportune time to jump on that platform if it is a fit for your business. Many of the early settlers are there and running the show but it is not a lost cause just yet.

Twitter reports in with 284 million monthly users, all together over a billion users in the Tweetosphere. We have also learned 43% of Twitter users are spending more than 12 minutes per day and sending at least 1 tweet. If they are tweeting they are reading.

and finally...

YouTube has a whopping 1 billion plus users, 80 percent of which are users from outside of the United States. 

Statistics like the ones we have gathered and analyzed as they pertain to inbound marketing campaign strategies, buyer persona development, and social media adoption acknowledge the power of social and video marketing campaigns.

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