Using Your Current Network to Boost Social Media Engagement

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A campaign, regardless of size, is a specific run at a particular goal. This means there are a few questions you must answer when deciding what exactly your campaign should look like. How will you create, gather, and strategize any and all content pieces?

Today we are speaking particularly to social media campaigns and strategies. When planning your social media marketing techniques you must understand the type of traffic you are looking for, and the goals you hope to achieve through your campaign.using-your-current-network-to-boost-social-engagement_1000x576

There are many outcomes you could be aiming for while planning a social media promotion. For example, you could set out to direct 20% more traffic to your website via Instagram in the fourth quarter. Or you could have a goal to boost social media engagement on both Pinterest and Instagram simultaneously with a cross-platform social media promotion. Whatever your goal is, make sure to define it so that you can fully strategize your campaign.

Intuitively, you will need followers or social participation for your click through rate (CTR), to increase on a particular social platform for such a campaign. If you are properly evaluating the needs of your business in comparison to the needs of your customer you will be able to break down your campaign into a few simple steps, with the first step being to create the buyers’ journey that your company envisions for its lifetime customers.

Once the network is established, there is a very clear picture of your buyer persona, target market, and the way in which  they want their information served, and your CTR campaign has a better chance of being successful.

Within the campaign, you will need to plan a content map (see content strategy below) that will parallel the goals and means of content communication.

For the marketing video production San Leandro: Prototype City of the Future an innovative social media marketing technique was used to promote the video. The  production highlighted numerous innovative community leaders in San Leandro California. Derick Lee, the movie’s producer, knew just how important each of the participants were to the overall mission of the video and the goals tied to it. Lee felt that the campaign was so much more than the movie and there had to be a way to communicate and promote through the act of participant discovery and promotion.   

What better way to get your message out than to have your biggest and most important marketers, your brand promoters, directly involved in the mix. Over 20 companies were showcased in the promo video and over 70 cameos of San Leandro’s movers & MAKERS were featured, including Mayor Stephen Cassidy, Dr J. Patrick Kennedy and more…Lee knew there was a high level of importance surrounding the approach to communication and the way the campaign would be presented by its participants. This is very important to keep in mind when developing your communication strategy. Not all campaigns are created equal. Some campaigns require more time and finesse.

Set your goals and the basics of how you will develop the buyers journey so they assist in achieving the following goals:

  • Reach out to current customers and hear what they are saying about your brand
  • Create a lasting memory with individuals who best know your company and enlist them as spokespeople
  • Keep your market influencing individuals in mind when creating campaigns as they may join in on the campaign

Derick choose to reach out directly to each of the participating individuals and kindly ask them to replace their Facebook profile pictures with the image he had provided in the very personable private email.


Now that you have decided the motive for your campaign you must map out a strategy in its entirety. Set the tone for your campaign.

How to set the stage:

  • Reach out.
  • Entice or inform about the campaign.
  • Let contacts know how much of an impact that they have made and inquire about their participation. People like to hear that they played an important role.
  • Create your “go list.” A list of go-to contacts.
  • Send your preparatory social posts announcing the new campaign, encourage participation, and tell them what you are up to.

If you don’t have a one-on-one relationship with the customer or brand promoter, then you should probably begin thinking about how to establish one.

You can also feature them - use your platform with your followers to reach out and give the promoters a pat on the back. They deserve each and every bit of the time and personalization it will take and probably more.

Finally, it is important to choose the proper platform. Most times Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube seem to overshadow  the rest, but don’t discount other social platforms. Give it a shot with Pinterest or Instagram. These two platforms are very visual, interactive, and create a home for evergreen content, or content that can and should be used throughout the marketing mix.

It is vital to any campaign to thoroughly prepare the strategy. The level or amount of content you incorporate into your campaign is not necessarily the only deciding factor of success. Many times a successful campaign is all about the means of content access.

Next time you are creating your strategy for social campaigns consider these final tips:

  • Review what is working
  • Review what is not working
  • Pay attention to the interaction between your content and your followers
  • Include your best brand assets (your current and lifetime clients)
  • Keep your goals as specific as possible
  • Listen to the customer & leverage your FAQ for content parallelism

Give it a shot. Create a new campaign, or comb through a current one that could stand to be improved by a social strategy. It may just boost your conversion.

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