Video Editing Services Improve with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Update


One of the many benefits that Adobe talks about in the Creative Cloud Suite update, is having the ability to get the update "free-of-charge" as long as you are paying the monthly subscription. That may seem crazy to some people in both good and bad ways. But, to me, I believe that it is exactly what we need in the technological autobahn we’re currently driving on. Every month it seems like there is some major breakthrough in either software or hardware, or some technique that changes the way we create content forever. So having the Creative Cloud constantly update with features that make you breath heavy is quite the achievement. Adobe generally comes out with these updates annually, or bi-annually.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud has made its 2015 updates recently which includes updates to all of its numerous CC products. But Premiere has made the biggest updates in terms of functionality. The people have talked—and Adobe has listened. With this update, video editing services have been kicked up a notch. Color correction has gotten a heck of a lot easier for video editing companies.

Introducing the Lumetri system, which includes the workspace and scopes. Before the 2015 update, you needed the separate software Speedgrade to color correct and color grade your footage with this amount of ease. Now, with the 2015 Creative Cloud update you are given new tools to address color. Essentially the update is faster and easier for the average Joe to use, as it has many similarities with Adobe’s Lightroom. Basic correction is at the top of the panel such as temperature, tint, contrast and shadows. The other cool feature is the new scopes panel, which includes a histogram, RGB parade, a Vectorscope and finally a waveform monitor.

Another update that comes with CC 2015 is the ease of which looks (look up tables or LUT’s) are applied. Looks are essentially a more professional Instagram filter for base color grading your video. There are a ton of them and are super easy to see how they look. Just open the color panel, open the looks subsection, and click on one that seems interesting.

The other big update which isn’t related to color, is the morph cut. The morph cut is a way to “morph” two of the same faces during a jump cut. So instead of plugging in some B-Roll to patch up your initial interview footage so it doesn’t seem out of place. All you need to do is put the morph cut in-between the two separate clips and Premiere will use its advanced processes to match the facial points. To the untrained eye, you will not even be able to tell that a cut just happened which can save you loads of time when the due dates are looming.

And with the even more recent updates as of late November 2015, such as some user interface enhancements, Adobe Stock integration (using/purchasing stock footage), Enhanced Time Remapping, the ability to edit in 4k-8k and HDR video support. These are great additions to the Creative Cloud Suite, but, they aren’t as big of a game changer as the Lumetri system is in my own personal opinion. In my mind, the Lumetri system update made Premiere a complete editing program with excellent color correction capabilities. It’s really quite amazing, and I’m looking forward to even more updates as times goes on. I don’t even know what possibilities will be in store in the coming years, but I’ll know it will be amazing.

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