Video Marketing: From Cut to Conversions


Let’s say you have researched and pinpointed your target market, and it’s a niche market. How do you reach them with an effective campaign to hook them and keep them coming back for more? The answer: video marketing.

It may seem like it is a tough nut to crack as not everyone is a video director or video editing professional, but it does not have to be that hard! Anyone can create a video marketing campaign from his or her business or even home office. Where to start is the biggest question, and once that is determined, the rest will follow with ease.

Many businesses, big and small, are lacking a key element. Show-and-tell is the way of the world and if you can only tell, then you are missing out on a large portion of your market. Showing proves to your consumers and potential consumers that you really can—and will—deliver what they want. In this age of digitization, mobile applications like Vine, Instagram, and even good ol’ YouTube are used by millions. We love to watch videos, share them and watch them again. This is where you want your business to be, literally in the palm of their hands.

Anyone can do this. If you have a computer or smartphone, you can make a video to integrate into a campaign or even start a new marketing campaign based solely on a set of intertwined videos. A plethora of companies simply capture video by way of the free Instagram app and gain a following organically through the use of relevant hashtags. These are markers that let people search for what they want and lead them to your account, and therefore videos. This is just one of the many ways that you can use inbound marketing by way of video. Another way to go is to make a short, one minute (that’s about as long as people can stay focused) animated video. There are professional video companies out there who make great, affordable animated videos. All you need is a script and they do the rest! These types of videos are a fun and engaging way to snag the attention of your market.

What video does is show your consumers that you are not behind the times. Putting together even short videos displays that you are able to use all the tools available to you to interest them in your product or service. When we see images, especially video, it stands out in our minds and is more memorable than a block of text. Images plant themselves in our brains like slogan jingles, and right there is the ticket. Plant yourself in their mind and make them want to come back for more. Create videos for a campaign using any variety of media, entice them with fun and engaging content, and even make them laugh if that suits your business. Video can create a face, or a mascot of sorts, for you and your company.

If you are just starting a business, this is a great way to start your marketing campaigns. A great resource for a business trying to get a video marketing campaign going can be found here. In this blog we lay out the basics: who, what, why, how? Go for it. Don’t hesitate to jump into it. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional video production company to create it for you, video is an excellent means of marketing and they will stay that way. It could potentially even grow into a larger sector in the marketing world!

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