What is an Inbound Marketing Game Plan?


Inbound marketing is a mixture of thought leadership, innovation, and science. Your inbound marketing game plan is, or should, encompass all of these elements and be tailor-made to fit your business. Think of it as a more targeted version of a traditional marketing plan with a concentration on high-impact content development goals. Your marketing game plan should provide insight on ways to influence and adopt a more measurable and effective inbound marketing strategy.

Your company's inbound marketing game plan is the roadmap to success.

Remember, when you are developing this content roadmap, it should be designed to evolve with ever-changing industry and market factors, as well as with the needs of the business. There is zero benefit in starting an initiative that is not directly supporting the success of the high-level business goals or KPIs (key performance indicators) of your company.

The general hope behind the game plan is that you will spend less time kicking around the ideas about content, and more time in GSD (get stuff done) mode.

The goal when developing a marketing mix or strategy is to set clear benchmarks and objectives, and arrive at a consensus so that you and the crew can put what you have learned into action.

The inbound marketing  game plan should include all of the various levels of marketing goals—organic keyword search, social media engagement, content production, and a combined effort to focus on thought leadership and niche community-building efforts.

By determining the market climate, developing well-defined buyer persona profiles, and establishing a keyword strategy, you’ll be poised to navigate the inbound journey that lies ahead.

Any marketing plan or business marketing process should be well-researched, planned, and have pre-established metrics. It should be built around the goals of your business, defined by your buyer personas and the ideal customer profile, with every stage of your customer lifecycle in mind.

By including guidelines on how to best optimize your content for specific buyer personas, a window of opportunity opens up to create a more targeted experience for them. This will engage your ideal customer and move them down your sales funnel at a faster pace.

This game plan will also help you plan (and optimize) for content distribution. This will allow your social media team members easy access to viable information that will attract more prospects through social media and build website authority.

Effectively and efficiently following this inbound game plan is imperative to the success of your inbound marketing program.

An inbound marketing report should be able to assist in thinking more like a content developer / thought leader. Think of it this way, if you will be able to streamline optimization for content distribution, your content development process instantly has more time for creativity—providing an overall improvement on the type and quality content that your team is producing and site-wide team members access to viable sales data.

This 'open source' of content guidelines, KPIs, and process streamlining will allow for a more agile marketing machine to better attract more prospects through content distribution channels such as social media. It will also help build website authority.

The inbound marketing game plan will help you get the most out of your inbound journey. We hope this will help refresh your inbound journey and get your content development process back on track.

Editor’s Note: This encore blog was originally published in June 2015 and has been updated.

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