What is Outsourced Marketing: Outsource Marketing Activities?

what-is-outsourced-marketing_1000x576.jpgCompanies often choose to outsource most or all of their marketing activities since marketing activities aren't necessarily a core business priority at their organization.

Startups might also choose to outsource their marketing since they're already wearing too many hats and straining their budgets as it is - handling marketing activities in house, in short, would be too costly and divert their resources away from their core business goals.

Another huge factor to consider is that both established companies and startups, irrespective of their marketing budgets and in-house resources, will often struggle to keep up with the evolving best practices within the marketing industry.


Outsource Marketing Activities

Keeping up with changing trends in inbound marketing is hard enough: Staying abreast of changes in search engine optimization, social media management and one step ahead in the email marketing game can be near impossible without some outside help.

Bundled Marketing Services

There's a tremendous knowledge advantage in outsourcing aspects of your marketing that you know you should have handled yet haven't gotten around to. Outsourcing for web development, pay-per-click advertising initiatives, or social media consultation is a great way to stay a step ahead of your competitors and pay only for what you need.

Even when you need a few marketing services handled all at once, outsourced marketing can still make financial sense. Full-service marketing agencies can set price plans that are within the budgets of small and medium-sized business while creating bundled marketing packages (e.g., email marketing, a blog for your website and innovative video marketing) that allow you to cross a few things off of your list at once.

On the social media point alone, most marketers (83%) and the vast majority of growing companies say that social media is extremely critical to the sustainability of their business. Three out of four companies, moreover, reported Facebook as being important or critical to their business success. (HubSpot)

Jumpstart Your Lead Generation

The point is that there's plenty of scope for all of your marketing projects when you're drawing on the collective competencies of a full-service agency. You can even find solutions to your marketing issues when you haven't completely sussed out your target audience or explored, say, email marketing or mobile marketing yet.

Outsourced marketing can provide that greater insight into your audience and jumpstart your lead generation. Once you have more leads at your disposal, you can step on the gas, with the help of an outsourced marketing agency, and expand your lead nurturing efforts in ways that put you into closer contact with all of your customers.

If you're not currently focusing at least some of your resources on lead nurturing, then you might actually be falling behind. Nearly three-forths of companies struggle with their lead generation, let alone lead nurturing, and a full 50% of marketing leads are qualified leads but unready to buy from a given company.


Tactical Marketing Vs. Strategic Marketing

When deciding how many and which services you want to outsource to a qualified marketing agency, you really have to consider whether you need more strategic or tactical marketing. An easy way to think about this dichotomy is that tactical marketing is used for meeting specific marketing goals while strategic marketing is more of a long-term strategy for establishing a broader marketing presence.

Tactical Marketing

Growing businesses typically need both tactical marketing solutions and broader, more long-term strategic marketing. In most instances, when you have a goal in mind ahead of time - e.g., you want a blog for your site or to expand your email marketing campaign's effectiveness by 50% - then you could probably benefit from finding outsourced marketing solutions for tactical marketing goals.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing encompasses a broader set of marketing goals that typically have a longer timeframe. Marketing segmentation, creating a stellar branding image, and ensuring that lead nurturance results in more revenue every year would be more in the realm of strategic marketing since these all deal with bringing a long-term marketing vision to fruition.


What Should Be Outsourced?

Companies usually decide whether they want to outsource tactical and/or strategic marketing services based on their business goals and in-house marketing resources.

It's not uncommon for business owners to outsource marketing activities that they recognize as essential to their future growth yet are outside the range of their in-house marketing team or deemed less critical to their core business interests.

If your competitors are making inroads with your target audience in terms of mobile and social media outreach and you're not, then it might be time to outsource those aspects of your marketing.

Outsourcing specific tactical marketing activities can also make sense if you feel your marketing resources are temporarily being spread too thin or you're struggling to keep up with the rate of change in your industry or marketing best practice.

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