Can podcasts change your business for the better?


If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or other large metropolis, you probably have some sort of a commute where you can listen to your favorite podcast. If you are one of the lucky few who work from home, or down the road from the office then you may have to schedule time throughout your day to catch up on important podcasts. If you are not already listening, you should start. And you should start as soon as possible.

Here is a list of the industry’s top rated and most listened to podcastsa list filled with the thought leaders who continue to revolutionize the way products and services are bought and sold.

The HubCast Podcast

HubCast – @TheSalesLion @GeorgeBThomas

The HubCast is a discussion-based broadcast hosted by Marcus Sheridan and George Thomas of The Sales Lion (an Official HubSpot Partner Agency) specializing in inbound marketing, workshop development, and public speaking. In this podcast, Marcus and George discuss newly-released features of the HubSpot inbound marketing automation platform, and the ways in which HubSpot can improve the user experience. They provide tips on inbound marketing strategy, tactics, project and time management. This show airs on Wednesdays. Stay tuned for the post show for the credits. It is well worth the few extra seconds!

PnR-This Old Marketing

@JoePulizzi @Robert_Rose

Pulizzi N Rose’s This Old Marketing series is a great state-of-the-industry style podcast that covers the latest ‘rants and raves’ about what’s hot (and not so hot) in the industry. It’s very well-thought-out with plenty of insight into the world of content marketing. Each week, Robert and Joe delve into topics including, but not limited to: content marketing, native advertising, new media marketing, paid content, paid advertising, inbound marketing, business development, and monitoring products and services. It has about an hour run time and airs weekly on Mondays.

The Mad Marketing Podcast by Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Mad Marketing - @TheSalesLion

The Mad Marketing Podcast with Marcus Sheridan is a one-on-one podcast where Marcus talks to the audience about marketing news, experiences with public speaking, business-building techniques, and how to create ‘the best stink’ in content that you possibly can. Marcus addresses listener emails, social communications and tweets throughout the podcasts creating an intimate conversation that addresses content marketing’s biggest hurdles. This podcast runs an average of 30 minutes, and new episodes are released on Wednesdays.

The Limitless Business Podcast

Limitless Business - @scottoldford @marketingkaye

The Limitless Business Podcast is an interview-style podcast hosted by Scott Olford and Kaye Putnam. The interviews are focused on scaling your business with marketing and technology strategies from the world's leading CEOs and leaders from the top non-profits around the world. This podcast airs weekly and runs 30 minutes to an hour.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss - @tferriss

Another great interview-style podcast is the Tim Ferriss Show, hosted by—you guessed it, Tim Ferriss. Tim, a best-selling author and all-around adventurer, interviews the best-of-the-best across a variety niche topics. The interviews explore ‘world-class performers’ and how they have reached the pinnacle of their respected fields.

In Demand Brand Show


The In Demand Brand Show is a bite-sized podcast—episodes clock in at a mere 3 to 8 minutes. Don’t let the short runtime fool you, though. Episodes are jam-packed with the latest tips and valuable takeaways and have a focus on building a solid brand foundation and effectively communicating the personality of a brand. This podcast also comes with a complimentary Facebook focus group to follow up with community engagement and feedback.

Content Inc.


Content Inc. with Joe Pulizzi is a 5 to 10-minute podcast published multiple times a week. Each episode is packed with valuable content marketing takeaways that you can apply to your content efforts immediately. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and presents insights in an information-rich format.

I have a solid hour and a half commute that used to drive me bonkers. About two weeks into my new commute, I realized I had to find something better to do with my time. I was wasting at least 3 to 4 hours in the car a day. This is when I decided to put myself through a rigorous self-planned marketing course with industry influencers and audio content from the world's best business thought leaders.

I had never listed to a podcast prior to this point.

I didn’t know much about this type of media nor did I understand exactly what I was getting myself into before I started my podcast learning binges. Now I understand just how vast the capacity for learning through podcasts is. I have learned and continue to learn how to build a successful business by actively and consistently listening in on industry breakthroughs, developments, and slip-ups.

Many will agree that producing a podcast is one of the best ways to connect and really engage your audience. And I know I have learned and continue to learn a lot from each podcast contributor.

Generally speaking, individuals listen to podcasts on their own time. On their own time they have opted to listen to this material. Creating a strong connection between the listener and the podcaster is a very effective way to build trust and community over time.

Whether you are looking to start your own business podcast, or are looking to develop and expand on a particular skill set, podcasting is a great way to maximize your time while learning something new. Check out one of these high-impact marketing podcasts today.

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