White Hat Ways to Build Inbound Links


Does your website generate the traffic it deserves? Are your site visits building in volume over time? If your website is not getting the traffic it merits, it may be due to a lack of inbound links. Building inbound links is a search engine optimization tactic your business should be utilizing. If you haven't used this approach in the past, you are not alone. Let's get your website on track with inbound links and in turn boost your website traffic.

An inbound link is a live link or hyperlink from another website to your website. There is no doubt that inbound links (also known as backlinks) are a major element needed to master search engine optimization. Let's dive in and explore the white hat ways to build inbound links.

Since inbound links weigh so heavy on your search engine ranking, it is not only important to build inbound links, but to build them in the proper way.  Here are some of the more prominent and result-driven tactics for inbound link building.

  • CREATE CONTENT. Who would want to visit a website that doesn't have any content? Properly established inbound links also establish thought leadership initiative.

  • DESIGN. Content is the bread of building inbound links and design is the butter. Without the proper branding, a piece of content may never make it to the content redistribution cycle that all inbound marketers hope for. Create content with your brand in mind. Be sure it is inviting, shareable, and simple to navigate.

  • INTERACTIVE MEDIA AND VIDEO. Where relevant, use interactive media or video to create more engagement and sharing opportunities for your content.

  • BLOG. This point can not be stressed enough. If you company is not blogging, your site is not getting the love it deserves. Blogging organically sets the stage for establishing inbound links since it increases the amount of content and pages that can be linked.

  • RSS FEED. If your company is spending the time to blog, why not simply set up an RSS feed to open another channel of content distribution. This will encourage blog readers to easily and freely share your blog post anytime they come across it. What can be better than that?

  • GET SOCIAL. Being active on social media is imperative to content distribution and inbound link building. Since they are working hand in hand, it is a two birds with one stone content marketing strategy that can boost website traffic in an exponential manner.

  • LINK SOME THINGS TO YOURSELF. Use your blog to share and link to other blog posts you have written. Be sure they are on-topic and not forced -this will ensure qualified site visits. You can even link to other blogs from your own, most likely the favor will be returned.

  • PRESS RELEASES. Use press releases to generate buzz about any new product launches, business breakthroughs and other new and noteworthy announcements specific to your target market and buyer personas. This is best done when you have joint business success.

As you can see, building inbound links can demand a lot of time, but in the end it will be worth it. A comprehensive way to understand the logic in link building is to think about building links on your website. The more links your site has, the higher your chances are that someone will host a link to their website. Makes sense right? The proper way to build inbound links is the only way to boost organic website traffic. Attempting to generate inbound links by cutting corners, skipping steps, or paying for links is counterproductive. Put on your white hat, begin optimizing your site for inbound links, and get the traffic your site deserves! Inbound works!

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