Don't just build a brand. Build a relationship.

Increase the time prospective customers spend on your site with videos and customized content.
The longer they stay, the more likely they are to become customers.
According to a PRWeb report, customers exposed to videos
are four times more likely to engage your brand.

Customize: Personas


Segment your target customers with buyer personas and create content tailored to each group including email lists, banners, and newsletters. We use this personalized content to attract prospects and qualify leads.

Permission-based inbound marketing works because it attracts customers who are actively looking for you rather than wasting precious time and budget on trying to influence casual site visitors who aren’t.

Customize: interactive video


You’ve probably produced costly online videos that didn’t integrate with your website, and looked at high viewer counts without knowing how to translate that into paying business. Direct Images Interactive will show you how to plan interactive video as part of your content marketing strategy, building landing pages and embedding useful analytics that gather usage data while prospects learn about your products and services. It’s playback time, and video content marketing is the engine to drive traffic and result.

Click the logo to interact with the video hot spot. Or, play the training video below for some more examples of interactive video.

Capital Engineering

Training Videos

Capital Engineering needed to create a series of training videos for their client Sutter Santa Rosa. Direct Images Interactive delivered  a set of 16 training videos including an interactive video that had quizzes and navigable chapters.

Customize: video players

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    Wistia Player
    Brightcove Custom
    Wistia Branded


Direct Images Interactive can design a custom video player for your needs, changing its features and appearance to match your brand or project.

This includes ensuring video plays well across a wide variety of platforms. We’d love to show you our HTML5 video and streaming video solutions and how they increase viewer engagement. Just ask.

Customize: video playlists

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Direct Images Interactive
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Internet Broadcasting

Spread thought leadership through Internet broadcasting


Captivate customers with live videocasting from webinars and conferences to entertainment and sporting events. Direct Images Interactive has full in-house video facilities or we can come to you.

Internet broadcasting and live streaming are surprisingly affordable, and your recorded event will attract customers to your site long after it’s over.

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