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You’ve probably produced costly online videos that didn’t integrate with your website, and looked at high viewer counts without knowing how to translate that into paying business. Direct Images Interactive will show you how to plan interactive video as part of your content marketing strategy, building landing pages and embedding useful analytics that gather usage data while prospects learn about your products and services. It’s playback time, and video content marketing is the engine to drive traffic and result.

Click the logo to interact with the video hot spot. Or, play the training video below for some more examples of interactive video.

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DII uses content marketing strategy and an inbound marketing methodology to ensure your content attracts qualified customers, not just page views.

Capital Engineering

Training Videos

Capital Engineering needed to create a series of training videos for their client Sutter Santa Rosa. Direct Images Interactive delivered  a set of 16 training videos including an interactive video that had quizzes and navigable chapters.

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